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About Google Analytics Training in Chennai

Google Analytics is a free web analytics service that is offered by Google mainly to track and report over website traffic. With Google Analytics, you can measure the exact ROI for all the efforts you made on online marketing. It mainly measures the dimension and metrics. Here dimensions represent the attributes of the data where the metrics represent the quantitative measurements of the dimensions. Based on the data received by Google Analytics will help us to decide on which marketing aspects we need to invest more.

To succeed in online marketing, one needs to be trained on Google Analytics. PDMC, a reputed institute provides the best Google Analytics Course in Chennai. PDMC makes you master in the acquisition of website traffic; understand the behavior of the visitors learning about how visitors get converted to customers. The real essence of Google Analytics is explained clearly in PDMC. You will also become an expert in analyzing the target audience for every business and will make you recognize how your site performs in real-time.

Key Highlights

mobile Industry Valid Certifications
mail Personalised Resume Feedback
people Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
men 100% Internships opportunities
bag 100% Job Placement
dollar Own Domain & Blogs
todo 10 Case Studies & Projects
work 100% Practical Classes

Mode of Google Analytics Training in Chennai

Classroom Training

  • Instructor-Led Classroom training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Internship Opportunity

Online Training

  • Instructor-Led Online training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Doubt Clear Session

Corporate Training

  • Instructor-Led Online training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • One month Projects Support.

Why Learn Google Analytics Course in Chennai

Any business needs to analyze the ROI for all the investments made so far. Only if the ROI is increased further investments will be made. But finding out the exact ROI is possible only with Google Analytics. If you are entering digital marketing, you cannot ignore Google analytics. You always need to understand your referral traffic to create a great marketing strategy. The overall tracking of all online marketing efforts is covered under Google Analytics.

PDMC delivers the best Google Analytics Course in Chennai. We are very much concerned about our curriculum. After completing the course with PDMC, you will possess all the below skills.

  • Analyze the visitor’s behavior
  • Find out which geographical area holds more potential audience for our business
  • Learn to segment the customer base
  • Creation and tracking of effective campaigns
  • Monitoring how your goals are achieved.
  • Look into the search terms that bring more traffic.
  • Competitor analysis.
  • Finding out the reason for visitors bouncing off the website.
  • To focus on the right social platforms that suit your business.

What You Will Learn in Google analytics Courses in Chennai

The curriculum for any course determines the quality of the course. PDMC is recognized widely for its Google Analytics course in Chennai mainly because of its well-framed curriculum. While getting into the course you will learn all the below-mentioned aspects which are considered to be the most essential parts of Google Analytics.
  • Setting up a Google Analytics Account
  • How to monitor and evaluate website traffic?
  • Insights through Google Analytics report.
  • Finding out which marketing strategy has generated more traffic
  • Implementation of funneling and segmenting concepts
  • Formulating a perfect digital marketing strategy.
  • Researching on how to change the strategy in case of failures.
Get trained and become an experienced professional by joining PDMC’s Google Analytics course in Chennai.

Who Should Learn this Google Analytics Training in Chennai

Every business has started investing in digital marketing. Many corporate companies have accepted in the recent survey that they spend 85% of their budget that is allotted for promotional activities on digital marketing. Since the huge amount is being invested, it is very essential to track our efforts and should make sure that we are on the right path if not we need to do the rectification of the errors we made and make it focus towards our goal. This is possible by enrolling yourself in PDMC’s Google Analytics Training in Chennai. Let us check who can be more benefited from taking up this course with PDMC.
Web analyst

The person whose profession is to analyze the web should definitely enroll in this course. The key profile of the work will be monitoring the channels through which the traffic increases. In this course, PDMC will train you on the major concept of analyzing the traffic. You can come across many digital marketing tools that are involved to measure the results.

SEO & SEM personnel

Being an SEO or SEM specialist you will occupy more campaigns. You have to periodically run the campaign and you need drive result for all the campaigns and strategy you run. You should be well versed to monitor and track on which campaign has created more traffic for your website. This is thoroughly covered in the course.


Being an investor, he should know what exactly happens within the system. Although an entrepreneur may have recruited personnel for digital marketing, he should understand the real concept behind Google Analytics. Only then he can plan his budget and invest in the right campaign which has generated more traffic in his previous effort. An entrepreneur should spend time to get trained on this course. This is mainly for his company’s benefit.

Why PDMC is the best place to learn Google Analytics training course in Chennai?

PDMC is especially known for its highly competitive Google Analytics training in Chennai. It has gained more goodwill in public. Only because of the reputation we have earned, we were able to survive in this tough and competitive digital market for more than a decade. You can also personally experience the below-mentioned highlights of PDMC by enrolling with PDMC today.
  • Flexible class schedule
  • All mentors are domain experts possessing 10+ years of experience in the relevant industry.
  • 100% real-time practical sessions will be provided to the candidates.
  • All certifications are industry-recognized that adds value at the time of facing the interviews.
  • Trustable Job assistants for all candidates who successfully complete the course.

Industry Recognized Google Analytics Training Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

Basic of Google Adsense

Overview of Adsense

Working of Adsense


Research in niche selection and Strate

Domain name registration

Server hosts selection

Blog creation and CMS

WordPress SEO

WordPress Post

WordPress Page

SEO Plugins

Sitekit Management

Social Medial Tags Management

Get Adsense Approval from Goolgle

Enhance CTR /CPC

Different types of Ads

Increasing profitability

Adsense code installation

Using Adsense account help

Improving Adsense rating card

Google Adsense policy overview

Introduction to Google Adsense

Placing video, image and text ads

+ 6 more lesson

Google Analytics Training with Placement

We at PDMC will assist you in your placement. Our Dedicated HR department knows what exactly the corporate companies expect from a candidate. Individual training will be provided accordingly and will make you eligible to clear the interview without any difficulties.

Google Analytics Course Reviews by Students

Join the 165,000+ professionals who'vegrowntheir careers by getting certified with PDMC

Ramya Vadapalani, Chennai "I took up digital marketing course for shifting my career.The staffs here are amicable and provided a wonderful support. All the training were real time using real life examples."
Mohan Anna Nagar, Chennai "I have completed my digital marketing training in Courseinn academy. The training was very good. The trainer has shared a lot of practical experience and gave us enough time to practice."
Ram Krish Guindy, Chennai "I learned digital marketing course at courseinn.classes handled by real-time faculty.learn and get benefited."

Google Analytics Course FAQs

Why PDMC is the best place to learn the Google Analytics course in Chennai?
  • PDMC has domain experts who have a full-fledged knowledge on web traffic study and all other features of Google Analytics.
  • With PDMC you will be working on real-time projects that will help you at the time of implementation.
  • You can enroll yourself either under instructor-led online training or classroom training
  • PDMC keeps its word on your job assistance. We will make sure that you well placed in one of the leading companies.
What about my placement after completing the Google Analytics course?

You have to successfully complete the course and should get the certification. Soon after you receive the certification our placement team will take care of your placement. We will assist you in how to perform in interviews and make you eligible to clear all the rounds in the interview.

What are the fee structures of Google analytics courses in India?

Before joining any institute, you need to make sure that the course covers all the components involved in Google Analytics. Without a well-framed curriculum, there is no point in paying the fee and joining the course. Currently, for training Google Analytics the course fee will come around 12K to 15K.

Why select PDMC for the Google Analytics course in Chennai?

You can experience the perfect ambiance in PDMC. All our technical trainers are domain experts who own more than 10+ years of experience. Individual care will be given and you can clarify your doubts whenever you need.

How much Google course cost?

Google provides Google Analytics as a free course. Although it is free, clearing the course is difficult. We need a lot of hands-on training which cannot be supported by Google. Only through the practice session, we will get familiarized with the terms.

What about the scope of Google Analytics in India?

The latest survey reveals that 70% of leading companies admit that analytics play an integral part in their decision making. And also Google Analytics is being used by 52.9% of websites for their page tracking. It is also known that all Indian firms have started paying more attention to the user’s activity. As there is a wide increase in E-Commerce portals it has become more essential to understand user’s behavior and activities. So there is a great scope of Google Analytics especially in India

What is the actually expected package for fresher after completing this course?

The average salary for Google analysts is 50K per month and for entry-level, it will range 12K to 15K. Work with full of passion and you can see yourself in the top-level management position.

Do you provide both classroom and online digital marketing training?

PDMC supports all modes of training. You can get online training through our technical person and even you can directly have classroom sessions. We will importance to both the methods of training.

How will PDMC help you in your career growth?

All our step by step assignments is highly relevant to the corporate world. After getting trained with us, you can apply for any top position in top companies. We will help you to clear the interview session successfully.

Who can do the Google Analytics course?

No prerequisite is required for joining the Google Analytics course. All you need is to have a strong determination in marketing and analysis. You should have some basic knowledge of computers and the internet. The rest can be developed by joining PDMC’s best Google Analytics training in Chennai. Also if you have great aspiration on analytics then you have to etake up this course. All entrepreneurs can be benefited by joining this course and also job seekers can enter the digital world by enrolling yourself in PDMC.

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