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About Google tag manager Training in Chennai

Google Tag Manager is a free tool provided by Google that helps to manage and deploy marketing tags mainly on your websites. These tags are snippets of code and it will not disturb the code that is written to make the website function. Google Tag Manager has really made the process of marketing tags and analytics much easier. With the help of Google Tag Manager, we can customize the data sent to Analytics.

Google Tag Manager is not easy to use without being trained technically. PDMC delivers the best Google Tag Manager training in Chennai. With PDMC you will understand how to set-up tags, triggers, and variables. Also, you will know the entire process of Google Analytics' enhanced ecommerce implementation with Google Tag Manager. You will get clear about how to track page views and link clicks. It is very essential to improve your marketing and web analytics through Google Tag Manager. By joining PDMC, you will have a 3600 of knowledge about Google Tag Manager.

Key Highlights

mobile Industry Valid Certifications
mail Personalised Resume Feedback
people Mock Interviews by Hiring Managers
men 100% Internships opportunities
bag 100% Job Placement
dollar Own Domain & Blogs
todo 10 Case Studies & Projects
work 100% Practical Classes

Mode of Google Tag Manager Training in Chennai

Classroom Training

  • Instructor-Led Classroom training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Internship Opportunity

Online Training

  • Instructor-Led Online training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • Doubt Clear Session

Corporate Training

  • Instructor-Led Online training
  • 2 Hours/Day
  • Weekdays and Weekend Batches
  • 100% Practical Classes
  • One month Projects Support.

Why Learn Google tag manager Course in Chennai

If you love data then with no doubts on learning the Google Tag Manager will be in your top priorities. With the help of Google Tag Manager, you can set-up tags to track the number of downloads of a particular file, which channel mainly generates more traffic also the bounce rate of the visitors who enter your site. And these data are sent to the third part such as Google Analytics or Bing Ads. Since it requires some technical knowledge you cannot understand on your own. You need to get into a training institute and get trained on Google Tag Manager.

PDMC is a suitable institute that provides the Google Tag Manager training in Chennai. Before joining the course one should understand the key values of Google Tag Manager and how it supports any business.

  • Google Tag Manager is the control center for all your data
  • It open ups the new ways for optimization and analytics
  • Easily set-up auto event tracking
  • It has built-in error checking and debugs options.

What You Will Learn in Google tag manager Courses in Chennai

If you are well-versed with Google Analytics, then you should be familiar with Google Tag Manager .it is mainly responsible for speeding up the process. PDMC provides an unbeatable Google Tag Manager training in Chennai. All important and essential components of the Google Tag Manager will be covered in the course. Check out the key components of the course below.
  • Introduction to Google Tag Manager
  • Understanding the terminologies – tags, triggers, and variables.
  • Developing a tag implementation strategy
  • Google Analytics tags –Pageviews
  • Testing, reviewing and publishing the tags.
  • Introduction to simple and advanced data layers
  • Auto events, default firing events
  • Macros and its uses
  • The transition from Google Analytics to Google Tag Manager

Who Should Learn this Google tag manager Training in Chennai

PDMCS’s Google Tag Manager training in Chennai will let you explore and experience the interface. Our hands-on course will give you a great understanding of how the Google Tag Manager works and how to implement it on your website. You will also be mastering website tags creation and managing fire rules. It is always essential to get updated along with digital growth. All who are interested can join the course as there is no restriction regarding your educational background or your age or your location. But still, this will be more benefited a certain category of people.
Digital marketers & Data analyst

The core profile of their job is to promote the business online and to track the channel that produces more traffic. The real success depends on finding out the channel that works well and focusing more on that channel. This will help to increase the ROI and can produce greater brand awareness. You may be already well versed with Google Analytics but still, you need to explore Google Tag Manager. Google Analytics has its own limitations but Google Tag Manager doesn’t have the limitations.

Career Switchers

On the whole, digital marketing has gained more attention from people who have planned to switch their careers. Without Analytics, digital marketing has nothing to do in any business growth. Analytics without any limitations is Google Tag Manager. So all career switchers by default should enroll in this course.


If you are not being mentally corrupted with any other job profile then you can have a fresh start as a digital marketer or data analyst. Since Google Tag Manager requires technical knowledge, you should definitely get into the course with PDMC. We will make you a perfect digital marketer and you can find yourself placed in a high position.

Why PDMC is the best place to learn Google tag manager training course in Chennai?

Training on Google Tag Manager is not as easy as it sounds. The training institute should have in-depth knowledge about the platform and it should have domain experts to train the candidates who are totally new to this platform. PDMC provides an excellent Google Tag Manager training in Chennai. One should enroll with PDMC as it has more salient features compared to any other training institute.
  • In PDMC we pride our training on being accurate and actionable.
  • We understand your purpose of taking up this course and we will meet your requirements.
  • Since we are more than a decade in this digital market, we really know exactly what the industry expects.
  • Apart from training, we extend our support in your placement too.

Google Tag Manager Training with Placement

Getting placed on the topmost company is a dream for many candidates while joining PDMC, who delivers the extraordinary Google Tag Manager training in Chennai. We can visualize your dreams and can really work towards achieving your dreams. Our dedicated HR team will take of your placement. We extend our genuine support for you getting placed in leading companies.

Google tag manager Course Reviews by Students

Join the 165,000+ professionals who'vegrowntheir careers by getting certified with PDMC

Ramya Vadapalani, Chennai "I took up digital marketing course for shifting my career.The staffs here are amicable and provided a wonderful support. All the training were real time using real life examples."
Mohan Anna Nagar, Chennai "I have completed my digital marketing training in Courseinn academy. The training was very good. The trainer has shared a lot of practical experience and gave us enough time to practice."
Ram Krish Guindy, Chennai "I learned digital marketing course at courseinn.classes handled by real-time faculty.learn and get benefited."

Google Tag Manager Course FAQs

Why PDMC is the best place to learn Google Tag Manager Course in Chennai?
  • PDMC supports both the training methods ie. Classroom training and online training.
  • All our classes are flexible with your convenient timings.
  • You can get 24/7 technical support from our domain experts.
  • The understanding level for each individual varies. So we give individual attention to each and every candidate who joins the course with us.
What about my placement after completing the Google Tag Manager course?

To clear an interview, one’s technical skill alone cannot help. He should be capable of presenting his skill in an expected way. He should possess strong communication skills to bring out his vision in a pleasing way. Our placement team will train you on personality development and you can attend an interview with full confidence.

What are the fee structures of Google Tag Manager Courses in India?

The course fee is also an important factor for any candidate who wishes to join the course. Since there are numerous training centers that are emerging in the market, it is very important to go through all the key aspects the training institute has. On average, the course fee would be 12k to 15K.

Why select PDMC for the Google Tag Manager course in Chennai?

PDMC provides you 100% hands-on training and our practical session will make you easily understand the course and you will not find any difficulties at the time of implementation.

How much google digital marketing course cost?

Google being the giant of all search engines, provides free Google Tag Manager courses. It is a purely online training session and you need to get used to online training materials. Most of the time you will find difficult to clear your queries. This is why we strongly recommend joining PDMC where you will get your queries cleared by our technical experts on a 24/7 basis.

What about the scope of Google Tag Manager in India?

It has been clearly estimated that the data is going to rapidly increase in 2020. Since Google Tag Manager deals purely with data to track the visitor’s behavior, we can find a broad scope for Google Tag Manager in India. So every company finds data analyst professionals as a crucial part of their business. You will have multi-industry/domain opportunities. You will be seen as a key decision making power.

What is the actually expected package for fresher after completing this course?

Today, analyzing the data is the highest required job profile. The average salary package for fresher after completing a course with PDMC will be Rs. 300000 / annum. The salary may increase with your work experience and your dedication to your company.

Do you provide both classroom and online digital marketing training?

We cannot ignore online learners as we face more admissions through online than for classroom training session. People who are nearby and can afford to visit our center will join the regular classroom classes. But most people find comfortable to go for an online session. PDMC provides both types of training.

How will PDMC help you in your career growth?

Very few people take up this course for upgrading their knowledge but many take it for their career growth. We understand your requirement for joining the course. We will make sure that you get trained on all the components and will be placed on the topmost companies.

Who can do the Google Tag Manager course?

People who are well-versed with the basics of HTML and have deep knowledge about computers and the internet can easily get into the course. Web developers should compulsorily take up this course as they need to understand where to insert the tags within their codes. Also, people who are entering into digital marketing cannot avoid this course.

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